• E. M. Galerie


  • Moritz Ebinger


  • Katarzyna Majak


  • Dirk Wiersma

    Cleavaged Calcite Vein in Slate

  • Machiel Braaksma

    Berenkool, aardappelpuree, worst, spek, jus

E.M. Galerie

Various Photographers - 4 x Terra Animata

Moritz Ebinger

Moritz Ebinger practised ‘sculpture diving’ on Aruba, in which he made small sculptures, which he then placed underwater so he could photograph them in an incredible world of fish, coral and shipwrecks.

Katarzyna Majak

In ‘Nomads’ Katarzyna Majak seeks to create her own image of the landscape that is nearest to her. She takes her house in a suburb of Warsaw, with its confrontation between nature and bedroom community, as her point of departure.

Dirk Wiersma

The work of Dirk Wiersma focuses on geological fieldwork, minerals and rocks from his original profession, geology. He also photographs landscapes and ‘candid’ portraits.

Machiel Braaksma 

With a lightly Dadaist slant, Machiel Braaksma plucks objects out of daily life, with which he creates new images and situations which are funny, moving or confusing, and nuance or comment on life.

E.M. Galerie

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