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Galerie Steven Sterk

Dolph Kessler | Jitske Hagens | Ellen de Vries

Dolph Kessler - De Noordzee rond

Dolph Kessler presents his new book De Noordzee rond(Arounbd the North Sea) and photos from it. Over the past five years he has photographed the coast of all the countries lying on the North Sea. The work reveals both the shared characteristics and the variations in the North Sea coast – including human interventions, processes in the landscape and the disintegration that they cause. The North Sea coast has long since ceased to be only virgin landscape, and is increasingly becoming the site for work and recreation for the people of the countries bordering it.

Jitske Hagens - Liquids (A series about the emergence and extinction of the elements)

In her photography Jitske Hagens is guided by her way of looking at everyday life and the interaction between people and their environment. It is a way of looking that seeks balance, and regards landscapes, animals and people as equals. Hagens’s work balances on opposites: uneasiness and angst versus happiness and peace. Where reality is stubborn, the artist’s imagination can dissolve boundaries. Her work is a tribute to a soft numinousness.

Ellen de Vries - The landscape appropriated 

For Ellen de Vries the appropriation of the landscape is a photographic challenge. With her background as a scientist, she wants to thoroughly understand the landscape. She frames her world with an analogue medium format camera, without either staging or image manipulation: pure astonishment at reality. Although she allows no people into her landscapes, human interventions are generally visible, from a small path through a mangrove swamp, to a carefully planted woods or tulip field.

Galerie Steven Sterk 

  • Hellingbaas 1
  • 8401 JH Gorredijk 
  • 2 Sept. through 7 Oct. 
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 6:00 p.m.
Book launch for De Noordzee rond and opening on Friday, 7 Sept. at 4:30 p.m.


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