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  • Maarten de Kok

    Secret Science Noord Europa 2011

Hervormde Kerk Kortezwaag

Maarten de Kok - Secret Science Noord Europa 2011

The research season has begun, somewhere in a hidden field in the middle of the countryside. Day in and day out, 16 radio antennae follow little mice in their holes and tunnels under the ground. Eight sectors are separated by steel plates, running two metres down into the ground and 1 metre above it. Four sectors are also protected by nets to defend the mice against birds of prey and predatory animals. Here there is flourishing vegetation that is to be found nowhere else in the world.

Places where research on animals is carried out are often surrounded with mystery and secrecy. Scientists do not like snoopers, because they are afraid that their ideas will be stolen, or that animal rights activists will disrupt their research.

On the one hand Maarten de Kok’s photos arise out of awe for man's presence in the wider environment he occupies, and on the other a scepticism about his effects. De Kok asks what places in the world are closed off for the outside world. That question brings him to places that no longer seem to exist in the present.

  • Hervormde kerk Kortezwaag
  • De Leijen 29
  • 8401 AA Gorredijk
  • 2 Sept. through 7 Oct.
  • Sat. and Sun. 1:00-5:00 p.m.


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