• Kunstenaarscollectief INART

    Poste Restante

  • Linus Harms


  • Josee Algra


  • Gitte Brugman

  • Bas Jongerius

  • Dolph Kessler

  • Titeke Postma

  • Marijke van Ruiten

Artists’ Collective INART - Josée Algra, Gitte Brugman, Linus Harms, Bas Jongerius, Dolph Kessler, Titeke Postma, Marijke van Ruiten - Poste Restante

Josée Algra, Gitte Brugman, Linus Harms, Bas Jongerius, Dolph Kessler, Titeke Postma and Marijke van Ruiten

Poste Restante

INART is a collective of five artists, who in addition to showing their own work and that of guest exhibitors, provide a venue for other cultural activities such as workshops, lectures and concerts. 

During the 2012 Noorderlicht Photo Festival seven photographers are being given the space to present new work. The photographers step outside their familiar boxes and show surprising and landscapes – whether existing, or staged – in which man plays a role. Sometimes people are emphatically present, other times as shadows, transients, inhabitants of another planet, or only in the traces they left behind. 

In the midst of all the photos Han de Boer shows his designer furniture.

Special action

During Noorderlicht there is an unlimited edition of envelopes for sale, on display of a Festival ticket, with a print of a photo from the exhibition and a number of picture post cards.

Artists’ Collective INART

  • Nieuwburen 10-12
  • 8531 EE Lemmer
  • 0561 480807 / 0514 563131
  •  www.kunstenaarscollectiefinart.nl
  • 1 Sept. through 7 Oct.
  • Fri., Sat. and Sun., 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
opening 1 Sept. 2:00 p.m. conducted by burgomaster Dick Stellingwerf of the community of Lemsterland

Former post office, in the centre of Lemmer, with plenty of parking, and near shops, pubs and restaurants.


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