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    photo: Sandra Kassenaar

  • Terra Nova

    Still from the film Scott of the Antarctic (1948) and found photo of a group of walkers on the Waddenzee (2008)

Kunsthuis SYB

Harald den Breejen en Sjoerd van Leeuwen - Terra Nova


Harald den Breejen and Sjoerd van Leeuwen - TERRA NOVA

The TERRA NOVA project refers to the expedition to the South Pole of the same name (1910-1912) which proved fatal for Sir Robert Scott and many of his party. The men pulled sledges with provisions for 700 km to reach the geographic pole. The expedition was glorified by Scott and many after him as the pinnacle of British endurance.

The Terra Nova expedition and the myths which grew up around it are the point of departure for the artists, who are attracted by its narrative qualities and their physical experience. Den Breejen and Van Leeuwen shift the heroic journey to the most intact natural region of The Netherlands, the Waddenzee. The ultimate goal of the journey is to reach the geographic centre of this body of water, behind by its coastal islands, without any mechanical aid. The photographic documentation of the realization of this expedition is the basis of the presentation in Kunsthuis SYB.


Kunsthuis SYB

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1 Aug. through 18 Sept., gala presentation and artist’s talk with Frysk Hinder whiskey: Sat. 8 Sept. 4:00 p.m.

Beetsterzwaag lies between Drachten and Heerenveen, 4 minutes drive from the A7 (exit 28). Buses from Drachten, Heerenveen and Leeuwarden stop in front of the door.


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