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Rotondekerk Terband

Annagreet Hoogeland

Annagreet Hoogeland photographs with a pinhole camera, a small wooden box with a tiny hole rather than a lens. This, the very earliest and simplest photographic technique, produces photos with a painterly, velvety soft aura, serene images with a certain sense of mystery about them.

Hoogeland makes her images by analogue processes, after which she digitizes the result. She strives to show powerful images that call up feelings rather than telling stories. Landscapes and the peace that she finds in them are a source of inspiration for her. The work Hoogeland is showing in the church at Terband reveals her love for the Frisian landscape: the narrow drainage canals, the cloud-studded skies, the beach, the variability of line and form. ‘Phenomena’ in the landscape such as fences, animals, or a a cup washed up on the beach are also subjects in her work.

Annagreet Hoogeland is present at the exhibition on Sat. 22, Sun. 23, Sat. 29 and Sun. 30 September.

This exhibition is presented to you by ARTemisia in Kunstzaken (Leeuwarden).

Rotondekerk Terband

  • Pastorielaan 12
  • 8441 PR Terband
  • 2 Sept. through 7 Oct.
  • Sat. and Sun. 1:00-5:00 p.m


Terband lies north of the Heerenveen junction. The church lies south of the village, close to the junction.


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