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Schouwburg De Lawei & Exhibition space De Galerij

Han Reeder | Piera Campo

Schouwburg De Lawei:

Han Reeder - Transition

This year’s theme at De Lawei and De Galerij is ‘Transition’. The photo series ‘De Lindenlaan’ by Han Reeder visualizes that wonderfully. It is a fortnight’s report on the bursting spring that transforms the hall of the Schouwburg into a passage in which the process of change is visible.

Exhibition space De Galerij

Piera Campo - Layer on layer

In the exhibition ‘Layer on layer’ Piera Campo, working in photography and mixed techniques, tells the story of deserted places like abandoned villages or hospitals, where human absence is salient.

Also: Sikko Mulder (mixed techniques) and Jitse Sikkema (three-dimensional work).

Schouwburg De Lawei and Exhibition space De Galerij

  • Burgemeester Wuiteweg 24
  • 9203 KL Drachten
  • 0512 335025
  • 2 Sept. through 14 Oct.
  • Wed. through Sun. 2:00-5:00, and before, during and after performances
  • www.lawei.nl
opening ‘Layer on layer’: Sun. 2 Sept. 3:00 p.m.


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Exhibition space De Galerij

Expositieruimte De Galerij is a unique exhibition space for Friesland, for contemporary art from the North of the Netherlands. But it also shows work of artists from the rest of the Netherlands which is interesting, innovative or adventurous. Exhibitions often touch on themes from the programming at the Schouwburg.