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de Fotofabryk - Werkplaats de Fotofabryk - The adventures of Olijfje

Werkplaats de Fotofabryk consists of a group of advanced amateur photographers who seek to broaden their acquaintance with all aspects of photography through an individualized programme and workshops. The photographer/photo instructor Elske Riemersma coordinates the Werkplaats.

The exhibition is about a small wooden anatomic figure, Olijfje. Olijfje leads a boring life; little happens in the atelier where she lives. That's why she decided to travel around! Each week she stayed with another Fotofabryk student, and did everything with them.

With work by Willem Bokkes, Tiny Bruggen, Frans Feijen, Fransje Grisnich, Miranda de Hey, Cor Hoekstra, Gabe Hogewerf, Sape Joustra, Daniel Kuitert, Sibylla Mous, Astrid Schoenmaker, Bram Spannenburg, Arie Vaatstra, Grietje Velink, Aly Veninga, Kor Visser, Bouke Wartena, Gretha Wijbenga and Maaike Zwart.

de Fotofabryk 

  • Zuidergrachtswal 18 
  • 8933 AE Leeuwarden
  • 06 48725785
  • fotofabryk.nl
  • 2 Sept. through 7 Oct.
  • Sat. and Sun.1:00–5:00 p.m. 

Five minutes walk from the station, opposite the Blokhuispoort, on the other side of the water.


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