The Garden of Eden

5th Noorderlicht Photofestival

Noorderlicht 1997 took place from September 13 to October 12, 1997. The program featured a main exhibition plus a second exhibition at the 'Der Aa-Kerk' in the centre of the city of Groningen, the Netherlands, some twenty-five exhibitions in galleries and museums, some thirty 'stage' exhibitions in varied locations and finally an extensive activity program. This site has information on the full program of Noorderlicht 1997.

Noorderlicht 1997 marked, being the fifth edition, the first lustrum of the photofestival. She attracted circa 15.000 visitors, of which 10.000 at the main location. The festival was accompanied by several publications, among which a festival newspaper, a huge photobook and a CD-ROM.

The organisation thanks all sponsors and grants that made Noorderlicht 1997 possible.

  • The Garden of Eden

    Der Aa-kerk

    Photography has always had a dual relationship with reality. She shows things as they are, and at the same time what they also could be. A photograph is both a recording and a metaphor, and can therefore show a direct and penetrating view of society like no other medium can. Working in his or her own personal style and with personal involvement, the photographer can convey a view on society; photography as an imaginative representation of the dynamic reality in which we live.

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  • Unbeschreiblich Weiblich

    Der Aa-kerk

    Unbeschreiblich Weiblich was the title of a hit by the renowned German punk-singer Nina Hagen, who gave great acclaim to women's independence and freedom. In her opinion women should not conform to any of society's expectations. This song was and is an ode to the identity that women want to experience themselves.

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  • The Chain IV & V

    USVA Fotogalerie

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