A Good World

Ingvild Arnesen, Arja Hyytiainen, Christien Jaspars, Dorothy Richardson, Jerome Sother, Alessandro Tattini

A group show by six photographers ranging in age from twenty to almost seventy, who have never, or only rarely, previously gone before the public with their work. Some are still just beginning and searching; others have been working obsessively for years in their own private world.

Says Machiel Botman: "For years I have been surprised and touched by stories that are still taking shape. The feeling is sort of like receiving a present: you can unwrap it yourself; you get excited; you can make it a part of yourself. The best thing about it is that you get to take a look into the vulnerability of another, because it involves people who have been living their life for a long time. There is no difference in that. It's about people who are able to look inside themselves."


Ingvild Arnesen (Norway)
Arja Hyytiainen (Finland)
Christien Jaspars (Netherlands)
Dorothy Richardson (Canada)
Jerome Sother (France)
Alessandro Tattini (Italy)

February 17 through April 1, opening Friday, February 16, 5 pm.