Angélica Dass 'Humanae' & students Minerva Art Academy

How does a picture of an individual relate to a universal message? This is one of the questions in the ongoing research into how photography can be used as a form of artistic research. Andrea Stultiens is a PhD researcher of the research group Image in Context and teacher at Minerva Art Academy, and as such she has been working on this theme.

Last September the Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass joined an expert meeting and the exhibition 'You and me and everyone we do not know', which was held at Minerva Art Academy, organized by the research group. During her stay she also made fifty portraits for her famous ongoing series 'Humanae'. Dass intends to deploy with this project a chromatic range of the different human skin colours. This is based on a series of portraits whose background is dyed with the exact Pantone tone extracted from a sample of the portrayed face and thus record and catalogue all possible human skin tones.

The Student's work is made during a project week with portrait photographer Ringel Goslinga and in an elective course taught by Jelle de Groot and Andrea Stultiens. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to the outcomes and processes of this portrait project.

In cooperation with research group  (photographic Research in Cross-disciplinary and Cross-cultural Artistic Practices) of the Centre of Applied Research Art & Society, Academy Minerva