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Awarded Commitment

Photography Awards with a Mission

The Noorderlicht Photogallery pays homage to documentary photography with an exhibition of recent winners and nominees in three photography competitions that have social consciousness-raising as their mission: the Prix Pictet, the FotoEvidence Book Award and the AnthropoGraphia Award for Human Rights. The result is a gripping exhibition about human respect, crying injustice and a sustainable world. The diverse work by 15 photographers is to be seen in the Noorderlicht Photogallery from 14 April through 20 May. 

Noorderlicht has brought these awards together under the umbrella of one exhibition because their missions are directly connected with what Noorderlicht has championed for many years: photography as a medium that can play a role in social discussions and processes, engaging society with contemporary issues. In addition, Noorderlicht wishes to underscore the importance of such awards. They offer a different way of spotlighting documentary photography, thereby playing a role in stimulating the creation of new stages for presenting photography in a changing media landscape. The starting point remains the same: telling stories about the world around us, with photography with an outward gaze. With Awarded Commitment, Noorderlicht pays homage to the heart of documentary photography.

Prix Pictet Commissions

Prix Pictet made its first awards in 2009, and has quickly grown into a leading international prize for photography dealing with a sustainable world. One part of the Prix Pictet programme is their annual award of a commission to one of the nominees. Noorderlicht is showing a selection from the three commissions which have been given to date.

AnthropoGraphia Award 2011

AnthropoGraphia has also been awarding prizes since 2009 for photo stories which raise social consciousness and promote human understanding. The winners and honorary mentions from the recent award are presented here. 

FotoEvidence Book Award 2011

FotoEvidence Book Award is the youngest of the three. They focus on photography as  an indictment against injustice, oppression and violations of human rights. The winners and finalists from the most recent competition are being presented.

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