Polly Braden, James Whitlow Delano, Wayne Liu, Niels Stomps, Koen Wessing, Paolo Woods, Wenhao Yu

Seven photographers reflect on the unprecedented changes now taking place in China's economy, society and culture.

During the past decades the People's Republic of China has undergone an impressive metamorphosis. This socialist utopia has become an unprecedented success on the world market. 'Made in China' is familiar phrase the world over, and the organization of the 2008 Olympic Games are the crowning of China as a new world power.

Now that the torch is approaching the Olympic stadium, CHINA GOES reflects on the immense shifts there in the geographic, economic, demographic and social realms. Seven photographers, from newcomers to established talents, illuminate the growing pains, the changes and the success. In a time in which collectivism is gradually making way for individualism, they ask what the place of the individual is in the new China.

Participating Photographers

Polly Braden (UK), Made in China
James Whitlow Delano (VS/JP), Construction China
Wayne Liu (TW, CN), You are a Luck Star
Niels Stomps (NL), Mist
Koen Wessing (NL/CN), 1986-2007
Paolo Woods (NL), China's Wild West
Wenhao Yu (CN), Selfportraits

Opening Friday, 26 July, at 5:00 p.m., by Cees Hendrikse, connoisseur, collector and curator of contemporary Chinese art, with the photographers Koen Wessing and Niels Stomps present.