Hans Ouwerkerk

Early this year, the news in the city of Groningen was dominated by a political affair surrounding the riots that took place in the Oosterpark district. These events led to the resignation of mayor Hans Ouwerkerk.

Many press photographers have taken photographs of the turmoil, for publication in local as well as national newspapers. These images formed the starting point for this exhibition, in which photographs by 10 different photographers are featured.

The exhibition concentrates on the public performance of the mayor during the recent events, and added to this are a number of photographs about his preceding term. Thus the exhibition is on the one hand a photographic document of this period, and on the other hand it provides an image of how different photojournalists deal with these circumstances.

The participating photographers are: Dennis BeekTon BroekhuisHarry CockSake ElzingaHan de GraafRob HuibersAnne Marie KampSerge LigtenbergWim MelisElmer Spaargaren.