Eric Larrayadieu - Jours Incertains

We learn at school that a border separates two countries. But a border can also separate two worlds. The line between them is microscopically small and intangible, making it hard to stay on the right side of the border. This results in a sometimes-unbearable field of tension.

The French photographer Eric Larrayadieu creates his photographs in this tension, at the border of those two worlds. In the unstable domestic situation that some people live in, at the edge of existence. Despite poverty and daily difficulties they get through life, with expectation, hoop and persistence, and the force of life prevails.

The photographs Larrayadieu creates in this manner tell us of a social engagement with human destiny as it manifests itself everywhere. With a neither provocative nor pitiful glance he emphasises generosity in a world of decay. With power and emotion Larrayadieu translates the authenticity of man to the bottom of his soul, at the cutting edge. The photographs urge us to reflect about social life. Printed at a large size (1.70 x 2.50 m) they are proof of a concern that will not leave the viewer untouched.

This exhibition was organised in co-operation with the Centre Culturel Français and the Alliance Française.