• Noord Nederlandse Dans

  • NND/Galili Dance, 2007

Karel Zwaneveld - LOOK

dance and theatre photography 1999 – 2009

This autumn the Noorderlicht Photogallery is showing high points from the work of the Groningen photographer Karel Zwaneveld. For many years Zwaneveld has been photographing for leading dance and theatre companies in The Netherlands. The exhibition includes photographs from the period 1999 to the present, done for the Noord Nederlands Toneel, NND/Galili Dance, Theater te Water and Tryater, among others.

Zwaneveld's photographs are created on the stage, in the midst of the dancers and actors. He gets close enough to smell the greasepaint, says little, but it provides food for his eyes. He has an infallible intuition for the expressive power of a grimace, a glance, a gesture, for the beauty of a movement, a pose, a formation. As a result of his experience as a sports photographer Zwaneveld has a well-developed sense for timing and speed. Time after time he picks just that one meaningful moment out of the flow of expressions and movements and captures it perfectly.

In this manner Zwaneveld brings across the essence of the performance. More important, however, is that his way of working produces images with their own autonomous significance. Often from close up, but always in an harmonious composition the photographs reveal the beauty, vulnerability, emotions and physical strength of the actors and the characters they portray. As a viewer you are sucked up onto the stage and experience the Ur-forces there for yourself.


The exhibition will be opened on October 17 at 5 pm, by Thom van der Goot, former artistic director of De Oosterpoort and the Stadsschouwburg, with the photographer present also.

Noord Nederlandse Dans will be providing a solo performance in the midst of the audience, especially for the opening.

Choreography: Stephen Shropshire
Dance: Heleen van Gigch

Noord Nederlands Dans

Noord Nederlandse Dans is the dance company of the North, having the city of Groningen as its home base. Under the artistic direction of Stephen Shropshire the company presents revolutionary, challenging dance performances.