Sònia Fort Abad / Susan Schuls / Marike Schuurman - Make Yourself at Home

In this exhibition work can be seen by three young female photographers, that graduated from the art academy in 1998. All three of them focus on the domestic world, either in their own homes or in that of others. Marike Schuurman photographs closed curtains obscuring the view of the outside world, without it ceasing to exist. Susan Schuls glances at spaces where people live and thus captures the private environment, where people expose themselves most. Sònia Fort Abad finally observed with much love but also criticism, the life that she left behind in Barcelona, that could have been hers. 

Marike Schuurman and Sònia Fort Abad studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam; Susan Schuls studied at Academy Minerva in Groningen en recently received the Berenschot Photography Award for young photographers.