Multiple Means

An exhibition about merging visual means

Ever since its invention visual artists have used photography to aid the memory with figure compositions, or to record everyday events, later to be used in a painting. In the last decades many artists have also been inspired by amateur shots, found at flea markets or in a forgotten box in the attic, that because of their unidentifiable context carry a mist of mystery with them. In none of these cases a photograph is directly copied in a painting: it only serves as an aid in the realisation of the image the artist sees before himself. Conversely, photographers draw to prepare for a photograph. Through sketching the maker forms the image, that in the end is produced by photographic means.

The blurring of the genres is complete when in the final product several methods from both disciplines are combined, when photographs have been reworked with ink, paint or otherwise, and when bits of photo appear in drawings or paintings.

In this show seven young artists are introduced, that in some manner combine their two-dimensional work to photography. In content their work is very diverse. The one thing that ties them together, is the irresistible urge to realise the image that they see in their minds, using whatever means.

Editor: Gouke Notebomer (visual artist/teacher at ABK Minerva). Photographs, paintings and drawings by Joyce EijkhoutHarold KoopmansSaskia KoopsPaul MeekAnnelies MiddelDienke Nauta and Mieke Wind.