• photo: Hanne van der Velde

  • © Alejandro Chaskielberg

    from the series ‘Bittersweet Surinam’ (2012)

  • © Robert Lyons

    from the series ‘Another Africa’ (1997)

  • © Stephen Dupont

    from the series ‘Raskols' (2006)

MartiniPlaza - Noorderlicht 30 years

Noorderlicht is thirty years young! In 1990, a group of driven photo lovers decided to build a photo party in Groningen, to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of what was then called the USVA Photogallery. This turned into the first Noorderlicht festival. In the years that followed Noorderlicht grew and became a professional, internationally appreciated organisation with the entire north of the Netherlands as its primary working field and a broad range of activities. Many years later we are still those photo lovers, eager to produce new and challenging projects again and again. 

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary Noorderlicht presents a cross section of the photography that it presented during its existence. In MartiniPlaza we show work by photographers from all corners of the globe, whose work is connected to each other by the mission of Noorderlicht: to bring the audience in touch with imaginative, socially relevant art.

Work is showcased from the following photographers and artists:
Danwen Xing (CH) | Scarlett Hooft Graafland (NL) | Catherine Nelson (AU) | Anders Petersen (SE) | Adrienne van Eekelen (NL) | Harry Cock (NL) | Phil Hastings (VS) | Aziz & Cucher (VS/PE) | Marcos López (AR) | Patrick Willocq (BE) | Rommert Boonstra (NL) | Kahn & Selesnick (UK/GB) | Carlos Spottorno (ES) | Peter Voigt (DE) | Thibault Brunet (FR) | Mark Peterson (VS) | Pedro Motta (BR) | Olaf Otto Becker (DE) | Katrin Koenning (AU) | Alice Wielinga (NL) | James Nakagawa (VS) | Katarina Radovic (RS) | Eduardo Leal (PT) | Jackie Nickerson (GB) | Robert Lyons (VS) | Yevgeniy Pavlov (UA) | Alejandro Chaskielberg (AR) | Kirill Golovchenko (UA) | Philip Kwame Apagya (GH)| Fernando Moleres (IT) | Van Leo (EG) | Tom Fecht (DE) | José Luis Cuevas (MX) | Ken Schles (VS) | Luc Forsyth (CA) | Jean-Claude Moschetti (FR) | Stephen Dupont (AU) | Tomasz Tomaszewski (PL)


Leonard Springerlaan 2
9727 KB Groningen | NL

mon - fri from 9 am to 5 pm | free entrance