Marvin Vince Kerstholt - Nothing is Real

It feels like something inside me speaks to me... a feeling of love that says I have to take a picture of this... and I do, because a feeling of love is a good feeling.

I am Marvin Vince Kerstholt, 17 years old. Taking pictures is part of my life.

At fourteen I bought a camera with my savings. I had seen how my father could make an image of the truth by just pressing a button. I wanted that too.

I tried all sorts of things. I experimented with movement, with focus, with contrast and with strange compositions. This way all kinds of odd images entered me.

I just see the world in a different way. I make my own images from everyday objects and situations around me. Psychedelic photos that influence my feelings and my mind.

Many people like perfection. While there's also a lot of people with limitations. I would like it if not everything and everybody had to be perfect.

Marvin Vince Kerstholt, May 2008

The works of Marvin Kerstholt are exhibited by irregular repetition in the corridor of the gallery. They were shown before from 10 May through 22 June and from 13 September through 2 November 2008.