Arnoud Bakker / Marco Wiegers - Partners in Crime

A duo exhibition by two photographers from Groningen

Wiegers (1973) shows Rêves Carnivores, multiples built from staged portraits and photographs he made during his travels. They give shape to psychological space, dreams (of anguish) and solitude. In passing he sketches an image of modern times, scarred by consumerism, hedonism and the social exclusion of victims of the modern plague: aids.

Bakker (1972) gives an account of his search-but-not-a-search for a relationship, in the series 'She Is the Madonna Is the Whore'. About desire, confusion, frustration and not to forget: voodoo dolls.

Wiegers and Bakker are both members of photographers collective Zilverwerk.

On Friday 27 February at 5 pm, you are welcome to join us for a drink at the gallery in the presence of the artists.