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  • Dennis Duijnhouwer

  • Popview 2010

    Noorderlicht Photogallery

Popview 2010 & Dennis Duijnhouwer

During the Eurosonic Noorderslag Music Festival two exhibitions on pop photography are opening in the Noorderlicht Photogallery. POPVIEW 2010 shows the work of the ten nominees for the Lex van Rossen Award 2009. In the solo exhibition Popular work Dennis Duijnhouwer explores the boundaries of pop photography.

Popview 2010

The third edition of the annual photo exhibition Popview begins in January, 2010. This European podium for pop photography gives European music photographers under the age of 35 the chance to profile themselves for an international audience, outside the normal context of music and news publications, internet and artwork. In collaboration with Noorderlicht photographers, the curators of Popview have made a selection of ten talented young music photographers. During the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival one of them will win the Lex van Rossen Award, an incentive prize for the most promising European pop photographer. The prize is named for the Dutch music photographer Lex van Rossen, who died in 2007 at the age of 57, and is comprised in part of a cash sum of €2500. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, 15 January, at 3:00 pm in the Oosterpoort Cultural Centre in Groningen.

Photographers POPVIEW 2010

Kim Badawi (FR), Ami Barwell (UK), Titia Hahne (NL),  Nick Helderman (NL), Janos Kummer (HU), Jens van der Velde (NL), Vrederick (NL), Graham Smith (UK), Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas (BE) and Joachim Zimmermann (DE).

The winner of the Lex van Rossen Award 2010 is Graham Smith (UK). Watch the video for Graham's commentary on his favourite photographs:

Dennis Duijnhouwer – Popular work

In the solo exhibition Popular work, Duijnhouwer forages around in all the possible corners of popular music culture. With a selection of work made from 2005 to the present, the photographer asks what pop photography really is, and where its boundaries lie.

‘If I make a photo of a DJ at work at his turntables or a sweating kid on a stage with a guitar, there is no question that is pop photography. But what if I photograph two girls from the audience in the smoking area? Or my girlfriend, who happens to play in a band? Or the w.c. in a nightclub?’


Opening: Thursday, 14 January, at 5:00 pm., with Annie Hoogendoorn, pop photographer and winner of the Lex van Rossen Award 2008, in the presence of the nominees and Dennis Duijnhouwer.