Mike Golding - Sales Pitch

'Sales Pitch' is the third part of the trilogy 'Unto Ceasar'. In this project Mike Golding (Great Britain) offers us an image of the market economy and its effects on our culture. Travelling salesmen are the conquerors of modern time. Their hunt for wealth confronts them with a world in which economic value and consumption are closely tied into personal identity, into a public recognition of one's worth.

Golding combines photos of salesmen on the road with pictures of presentations and fairs. They are symbolic images, sometimes recorded, sometimes staged. By means of these images, a journey through the landscape of economic space is established. Golding tells a recognisable but disturbing tale, referring to the quest in myths and fairytales.

'Sales Pitch' refers to the life of ordinary people. They share their experiences in the economic realm: an artificial space that confuses the public with the private, dreams our dreams for us.