• Sublime

Michael Nyman - Sublime

In 2003 Michael Nyman took his photo camera along as his companion as he roved the world as a composer and musician. The result, Sublime, offers his sharp observations of everyday, chance situations and repetitive acts. In all of this, Nyman the composer clearly plays along in the background by his serial manner of working and presentation. The exhibition will be complemented with a number of his short films.

Michael Nyman Festival

This exhibition was a part of the Michael Nyman festival, from 24 through 31 October, in Groningen.

The Michael Nyman Festival is a co-production of The North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO) and Grand Theatre / Prime Concerts.


Thursday, 29 October, at 5 pm. 

Michael Nyman will be present on this occasion, to provide an introduction to his work.