GUEST EXHIBITION - The market - a photo portrait by Rein Scholte

The guest exhibition 'The market' – by the Photo & Text Foundation i- s hosted by Noorderlicht | House of Photography. The exhibition shows work by Rein Scholte, who portrayed the merchants of the Groninger Vismarkt, their products, customers and the ins and outs of the market. 

Markets have been central stopping places in the center of cities and villages for centuries. The Groninger market, consisting of the Grote Markt and the Vismarkt, has existed for 350 years. But in the past three decades, more has changed in these markets than in the three centuries before. With a new vision on the function of public space in the city, the role of the market also changes: from meeting point between buyer and provider to an attraction for residents and tourists. This vision gives, in addition to new opportunities, also unrest among the veterans among market traders.

The 'De Markt' project highlights this historic transition moment, the role of the market in Groningen in particular and the changing function of the market in general. After all, markets still have a great appeal, to buyers and viewers, to locals and tourists. The market is a meeting place for young and old, trends, traditions and cultures.

The exposition discusses the social and cultural-historical value of the market, the self-evidence of the stalls in the squares every week, not only for the merchants, but also for tens of thousands of Groningers and tourists.