The photographers of Minerva

Minerva, the academy for the visual arts in Groningen, celebrates her 200th anniversary this month. On this occasion the USVA Noorderlicht Photogallery presents recent work by artists that graduated from the academy during the past twelve years.

Although Minerva does not provide a specific photography direction, many students have gained a love for the medium. During their studies they chose to emphasize photography, and in their later professional practice this was naturally continued. One studied twelve years ago and is now a wellknown fashion photographer in Milan, another graduated only last year. From the one to the other and inbetween; this exhibition provides a varied image of the photographers that started off at Minerva.

Photographers: René Alberts, Corine Hörmann, Dirk de Jong, Peter de Kan & Wim te Brake, Ellen Kooi, Jolanthe Lalkens, Edland Man, Paul Meek, Marco Wiegers