• ©Laura Zwaneveld

  • ©Jeroen Toirkens

  • ©Fleur Olby

  • ©Daimon Xanthopoulos

  • ©Paul Gaffney

  • @Ekaterina Sevrouk

The Romantic Landscape

Jeroen Toirkens, Laura Zwaneveld, Daimon Xanthopoulos, Fleur Olby, Paul Gaffney and Ekaterina Sevrouk

In The Romantic Landscape, Noorderlicht presents a unique collection of projects by young photographers who relate to the world around them in a striking manner. The exhibition is inspired by Romanticism in the North – from Friedrich to Turner, which is currently on view in the Groninger Museum, and uses the same themes to classify this special collection of landscape painters.

From 2011 onwards, Noorderlicht | House of Photography has been organising the Northern Lights Masterclass, an international education programme for professional photographers. Several talents who participated in this programme present their work in The Romantic Landscape. Projects from other promising European photographers will also be on display. They all show the part landscape plays in religion and religious traditions as well as in defining a personal and social identity. Furthermore, it also pinpoints how landscape as a sublime image still is leading in human perception.

Both exhibitions are autonomous, yet the thematic similarities provide opportunities for perceiving the land around us in a fresh way and seeing how it influences our society and identity.