• Photo: Cédric von Niederhäusern

  • Photo: Mark Peterson

  • Photo: Mark Peterson

Theatre Of Politics

In the run up to the forthcoming American presidential elections this November, the Noorderlicht gallery shows 4 projects, each of which provides a unique insight into this political process. From the little town halls of hinterland to the slick shows of the National Conventions, from the swooning fan to retired party prominents: they are all part of the theatre of the elections, in which each plays out their own role.

The work of the American photographer Mark Peterson is given central stage. He follows the election process from start to finish. Political Theatre shows the circus of the Republicans and the Democrats. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and others, their supporters and the fierce opposition they evoke are all covered. Furthermore, he also mercilessly depicts the media circus that serves the needs of the political show.

Christopher Morris is also an American photographer who followed several candidates: in surreal slow motion his films show the election rally of one candidate at a time. Noorderlicht displays the films of the four most important candidates from the two big parties: Cruz and Trump for the Republicans, and Clinton and Sanders for the Democrats.


Dina Litovsky, born in the Ukraine and living in New York, photographed the Republican Convention at which Trump was officially voted the presidential candidate for his party. She focused on the show of the convention and in particular on Trump’s elated fans. From the Swiss photographer Cédric von Niederhäusern, Noorderlicht shows a selection of his work City upon a Hill, in which the socio-economic landscape of the present-day USA can be seen. The desolate view and the average American create a backdrop for the glitz and glam portrayed in the other projects.

The gallery takes on the role of theatre and allows the actors to play their game, in anticipation of the winner on the 8th of November.