The Noorderlicht Project Bureau is responsible for activities that fall outside the regular programming of the festival and gallery. These include arranging and granting photography commissions on social themes, putting together exhibitions at the request of other institutions or businesses, or engaging in co-productions with fellow institutions, businesses and non-profit organisations.

On this page you can find an overview of the various projects Noorderlicht has engaged over the years.

Large-scale projects

These projects are started outside the regular programming of the Noorderlicht Photo Festivals and Photo Gallery. They often run over several years, to permit digging deeply into a social theme through research by Noorderlicht, and possible commissions to photographers. The result may become a part of a photo festival or exhibition in the gallery, but it can also be shown outside the regular venues for Noorderlicht's presentations.

Photo commissions

In its photo commissions Noorderlicht gives several selected photographers specific assignments to create photo material for a photo book to be produced by Aurora Borealis, and possibly an accompanying exhibition. Not infrequently, Noorderlicht acts as the agent for third parties in granting and supervising these commissions.

  • 40 Registers (2010-2011, commissioned by werkgroep Schnitger's Dream)
  • Album Amicorum (2009 and 2014, commissioned by Groningen University)
  • Wall House #2 (2007, commissioned by Noorderlicht and Foundation Wallhouse #2)
  • Hidden Sites (2006, commissioned by  Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken and  Landschapsbeheer Groningen)
  • Promised Land (2004)
  • Exhibitions

    North Korean Perspectives

    What impression do we have of North Korea on the basis of the photographs that are available to us? That is the central question in the photo exhibition North Korean Perspectives, which will be organized at the Drents Museum simultaneously with The Kim Utopia. While The Kim Utopia focuses mainly on the idealized North Korea, this photo exhibition compares the official version of the State with an alternative view of the country.

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  • ExtraOrdinary

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