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Noorderlicht productions and exhibitions

The Noorderlicht productions  are available for exhibitions elsewhere. We can put together exhibitions on demand for companies, museums and galleries.

On this page, you can find an overview of our available productions. For information, please contact Regina Broersma via or phone: +31 (0)50 318 22 27.

  • Large-scale projects

    The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar

    The dynamics and history of globalization made easier to understand, on the basis of one everyday product: sugar.

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  • Exhibitions


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  • Terra Cognita

    Photofestival about the relation between man and nature.

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  • Cruel and Unusual

    Revealing, and quite unexpected photography by 11 photographers dealing with life behind bars, with a focus on the USA.

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  • Oculus

    Exhibition and book by Ken Schles about images, memory and the metaphor of light.

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  • Metropolis

    Main exhibition Photofestival 2011 Metropolis:­ City Life in the Urban Age shows the many faces of the modern city.

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  • Travel Plans

    Retrospective of the work of Jeffrey Silverthorne on the great questions of life, about sex and death.

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  • Land

    Main exhibition Photofestival 2010 Land - Country Life in the Urban Age  looks at the consequences of urbanisation on the countryside. 

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  • Warzone

    An exhibition examining the experience of war on the part of soldiers dispatched to conflict areas.

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  • Room 103

    An insight into the complex and schizophrenic reality of photographer Jeroen Kramer who lives and works in conflict zones in the Middle East. Winner Dutch Doc Award 2010.

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  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    In this wry, sometimes tragicomic but always intriguing exhibition, the viewer is challenged to calculate the cost of happiness. Part of the Photofestival Human Conditions.

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  • Behind Walls

    Photography from all the former East Block lands brought together in one large-scale presentation. Photofestival 2008.

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  • Act of Faith

    A probing documentary image of religion - and its consequences. Photofestival 2007.

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