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Noorderlicht productions elsewhere

The quality of Noorderlicht exhibitions, and the imagination and planning behind them, is widely appreciated, not just here in The Netherlands, but also abroad. Our exhibitions are therefore also to be seen in foreign museums and galleries, at art festivals and in special presentations. In the last decade selections from our photo festivals, special projects and photo commissions have been seen in almost 30 countries, from Finland to Syria, from Nigeria to America, and from Singapore to Australia.

On this page you will find a survey of the Noorderlicht productions that have been on tour around the world over the last three years.

The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar

The dynamics and history of globalization made easier to understand, on the basis of one everyday product: sugar.


Langeng Art Foundation
Jogjakarta, Indonesia
(09-11-2012 - 20-01-2013)

Kunstkring Gallery (Ruangrupa)
Jakarta, Indonesia
(23-11-2012 - 14-12-2012)

Sao Paulo, Brazil
(01-03-2013 - 30-04-2013)

Paramaribo, Suriname
(28-06-2013 - 12-07-2013)

Marienburg, Suriname
(05-07-2013 - 28-07-2013)

Marowijne, Suriname
(19-07-2013 - 29-09-2013)

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OFFSIDE - Football in Exile

Dirk-Jan Visser reveals the human tragedy of Nagorno-Karabakh, torn apart by war, from the perspective of two football teams. 


Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay
Chicoutimi, Canada
(01-11-2012 - 25-11-2012)

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Cruel and Unusual

Revealing, and quite unexpected photography by 11 photographers dealing with life behind bars, with a focus on the USA.


Photo Ville
New York, United States
(22-06-2012 - 01-07-2012)

De Melkweg
Amsterdam, Nederland
(09-05-2012 - 03-06-2012)

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Main exhibition Photofestival 2011 Metropolis:­ City Life in the Urban Age shows the many faces of the modern city.


The Empty Quarter Gallery
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(19-10-2011 - 30-11-2011)

Museum of Estonian Architecture
Tallinn, Estonia
(28-10-2011 - 27-12-2011)

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FASHION - The Story of a Lifetime

Vintage work from celebrated international fashion photographers provides a unique overview of haute couture in the 20th century. In cooperation with The Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai.


Exposorium Vrije Universiteit
Amsterdam, Nederland
(08-09-2011 - 31-10-2011)

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Travel Plans

Retrospective of the work of Jeffrey Silverthorne on the great questions of life, about sex and death.


Galerie VU'
Paris, France
(09-09-2011 - 29-10-2011)

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An exhibition examining the experience of war on the part of soldiers dispatched to conflict areas.


Centrale Bibliotheek
Den Haag, Nederland
(27-04-2010 - 23-05-2010)

New York Photo Festival
New York, United States
(12-05-2010 - 20-05-2010)

Nieuwe Kerk
Amsterdam, Nederland
(07-05-2010 - 30-05-2010)

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UKRAINE - In Search of a National Identity

A group of young photographers expose the traces of Soviet domination, but also celebrate the country's variety, and the spirit of the young people who will decide their country's future. In cooperation with Altemus.


FNAC boekhandel Luik
Luik, Belgium
(01-05-2010 - 31-05-2010)

FNAC boekhandel Gent
Gent, Belgium
(16-10-2012 - 16-10-2012)

FNAC boekhandel Antwerpen
Antwerpen, Belgium
(16-10-2012 - 16-10-2012)

FNAC boekhandel Brugge
Brugge, Belgium
(16-10-2012 - 16-10-2012)

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Popview 2010 & Dennis Duijnhouwer

A selection of work by ten talented young European music photographers. In collaboration with Popview, platform for music photography.


Berlin, Germany
(08-09-2011 - 10-09-2011)

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Room 103

An insight into the complex and schizophrenic reality of photographer Jeroen Kramer who lives and works in conflict zones in the Middle East. Winner Dutch Doc Award 2010.


UMAM The Hangar
Beirut, Lebanon
(12-03-2009 - 02-04-2009)

New York Photo Festival
New York, United States
(12-05-2009 - 20-05-2009)

Museum Kwartier
Utrecht, Nederland
(07-05-2009 - 30-05-2009)

FOTOGRAFIA - Festival Internazionale di Roma
Rome, Italy
(20-09-2012 - 28-10-2012)

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Point of No Return

Raw photojournalism by Palestinian photographers that was done under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Curated by Magnum-chairman Stuart Franklin for the Noorderlicht Photofestival Human Conditions.


Nordic Light Festival
Kristiansund, Norway
(01-04-2009 - 30-04-2009)

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Behind Walls

Photography from all the former East Block lands brought together in one large-scale presentation. Photofestival 2008.


European Union National Institutes for Culture
Klaipéda, Lithuania
(07-10-2010 - 10-11-2010)

Oude Kerk
Amsterdam, Nederland
(07-10-2009 - 10-11-2009)

Poznan, Poland
(06-10-2009 - 06-11-2009)

School of Social Psychology
Warschau, Poland
(01-12-2009 - 31-12-2009)

Central European House of Photography
Bratislava, Czech Republic
(05-11-2008 - 30-11-2008)

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Act of Faith

A probing documentary image of religion - and its consequences. Photofestival 2007.


Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen
Koksijde, Belgium
(06-03-2010 - 16-05-2010)

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Africa Inside

Documentary and art photography from East, Middle and West Africa.


Lagos Photo Festival
Lagos, Nigeria
(08-10-2011 - 09-11-2011)

Museum Vapriiki
Tampere, Finland
(25-10-2012 - 25-10-2012)

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