Lino Hellings - P.A.P.A.


Entrance: free

Participating’ Artists Press Agency (P.A.P.A.) is an international network of artists/photographers created and led by Lino Hellings. This international group of photographers share the same projects, whilst exploring his/her own country separate from one another. The projects can be self-initiated or commissioned by third parties.

P.A.P.A. operates with a solid ‘question and research’ mentality. Which is done on the spot by the local P.A.P.A. correspondents (whom all enjoy an acclaimed international status).
P.A.P.A. works on the bases of ‘reading the street’. Correspondents go on photowalks and capture  ‘that what catches the eye’. Subsequently ‘they read the pictures out loud’ by adding texts and keywords to the images. Regularly posting them to P.A.P.A.’s shared photoblog:

Lino Hellings will give a lecture about P.A.P.A. and the exhibition Public Bedroom in Het Filiaal.


Date: September 25, start 13.00 hrs 
Location: USVA, Munnekeholm 10
Admission: free

Photo: Lino Hellings