Blogging about Mois de la Photo in Montréal

Marc Prüst blogs about Mois de la Photo - Blog 1

Marc Prüst © Michella Schmucker

So, I have decided to start a blog. But, I am not going to write every single day of the year, nor do I expect to post some thought or idea only once a year. I will be doing what I think is called 'event-blogging'. When I go to an interesting event, a festival, a portfolio review, a workshop, I'll write my experiences of the day in a short or long piece right here on this page.

Next week I'll be in Montréal, for the Mois de la Photo, a biennial photography festival, this year curated by Paul Wombell. The festival always invites a group of professionals from around the world to visit all the exhibitions, meet artists, and attend conferences and talks. Also, there will be a day with portfolio reviews. I was honored to be invited by the Mois de la Photo to participate in this particular event, both as 'myself' in the role of photography consultant and curator and as 'manager external relations' for Noorderlicht. I will be looking for interesting work and connections for the gallery and festival, and hope to make some interesting connections. This blog will also be published on my personal website:

Every day, I will thus update you with my experience, short reviews of the shows I saw, the people I met, and what my general idea of the day was. I hope you'll like it.