Off to Montréal!

Marc Prüst blogs about Mois de la Photo - Blog 2

Off to Montréal! The team of the Mois de la Photo has prepared a schedule for us, which is pretty full: there are exhibition visit and portfolio reviews from Wednesday to Saturday, and a total amount of free time of 15 minutes! It might be slightly exhausting, but I'm looking forward to seeing all the shows curated by Paul Wombell.

The Mois de la Photo is a festival that happens every two years in Montréal. An invited curator creates the whole festival around a theme that he or she proposes. Paul Wombell curated the festival themed 'Drone - The Automated Image'

From the website of the festival:

"The artists explore how humans share the stage with technology, emphasizing the functions and intelligence of the camera and its transformation into an object that can inspire dreams. More than simply expanding vision into places where the human cannot travel, due to distance or danger, the camera is a sophisticated instrument with its own laws and its own agency. By excavating the history of camera technology and also looking into its future, the artists are raising an important question: do cameras have a life of their own?"

I had the pleasure to work alongside Paul both as curators during three years at the Fotografia Festival in Rome. His approach to photography is very intellectual and quite different from how I tend to approach the medium. Paul seems to be very interested in the process through which artists, photographers, arrive at creating their images. Personally, I am not so interested in the process, for me the result is more important. This trip is therefore a bit of a research, a way to test my own points, of view and see what I can learn by visiting the 25 exhibitions that Paul curated for this year's festival.
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