03 | 30

“Noorderlicht shows how important a cultural organization can be in a region, as a driving force behind expertise and ambition. The north does not really stand out in its ambitions with regard to the field of books. But Noorderlicht does see the importance.”

02 | 30

“My favourite exhibition was ‘Nazar - Arab eyes’ in 2004. In the height of post 9/11 world and the Afghan and Iraq wars, not only did ‘Nazar’ speak up on these issues, but the exhibition also offered a clear vision, that went radically against the mainstream way of thinking. ‘Nazar’ contained everything that Noorderlicht stands for.”

01 | 30

“Noorderlicht has been speaking truth to power for 30 years. Its presence in the creative world represents to me the hope that we can outlast the nascent intolerance by turning a mirror on the world and on ourselves.”