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Alex Supartono (Indonesia, 1972) is a photo historian and curator specialized in colonial photography. He was as associate curator closely involved with the Noorderlicht Festival ‘Another Asia’ in 2006. 

What’s your involvement with Noorderlicht?
“I am associate curator of Noorderlicht. They provided, an provide me with an entrance in the international photography scene. They accepted my curatorial submission for the 2005 ‘Traces & Omens’-festival, invited me for the 2006-edition ‘Another Asia’, were involved in planning and executing the long-term ‘Sugar’-project from 2010 and facilitated me to develop and run the Postcolonial Photo Studio project from 2012 until now.”

What was your favourite Noorderlicht-exhibition?
“My favourite exhibition was ‘Nazar - Arab eyes’ in2004. In the height of post 9/11 world and the Afghan and Iraq wars, not only did ‘Nazar’ speak up on these issues, but the exhibition also offered a clear vision, that went radically against the mainstream way of thinking. ‘Nazar’ contained everything that Noorderlicht stands for.” 

What do you wish for the future of Noorderlicht?
“I hope they will keep doing what they have always done and keep standing for what they have always stood for.”