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photo: Frank Straatemeier

Jeannette Straatemeier (Netherlands, 1942) is a well-known face at Noorderlicht | House of Photography since the very beginning. As a regular visitor, but also as a helping force behind the scenes during the photo festivals.

How were you involved with Noorderlicht?
“Because of my work in the library I was involved in the satellite programs during the photo events. I have had a lot of contact with Ton Broekhuis, also about cultural political affairs – which involved a lot of nocturnal emails. I am a regular visitor and helped many times with the distribution of promotional material to bring the photo manifestations to the public attention.”

What was your favourite Noorderlicht-exhibition?
“Looking for the answer to this question, I discovered how wonderful it is to have a look at the exhibitions on the website. I remember many shows and especially the great exhibition designs, for example in 2016 at the Museum Belvedère in Heerenveen and in Groningen at the Suikerunie (2013). ‘Mundos Creados’, the photo festival in 2002 about Latin-America, was a highlight in my point of view. I still regularly take a look in the catalogue.”

What do you wish for Noorderlicht’s future?
“I hope that this year’s photo festival will once again show a broad variety and involvement from many participating organizations. The subjects tend to shift a bit, from socially engaged to more aesthetic. I prefer the former. I hope you keep surprising me with the exhibitions in the gallery and I like the fact that I see school classes walking around there on a regular basis, busy with their assignments. Shortly put: I wish the Noorderlicht-buzz will go on in the years ahead of us.”