Workshop Colonial Photography

The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar

A workshop that invites both local and international contemporary artists to process colonial photographs as their inspiration and to discuss possibilities of employing colonial photographs for further artistic explorations.

Invited artists will develop the archives into other artistic forms. These will be showcased in a future exhibition that will bring a richer and new perspective on the historical visual material about cultural issues of late colonialism in Java to a wider public. 


  • Langgeng Gallery
  • Jl. Suryodiningratan 37
  • Yogyakarta



31 October - 8 November 2012


Alexander Supartono, Independent Art Historian and Curator, Ph. D Candidate in the School of Art History, University of St. Andrews, UK. Together with Noorderlicht, he has been involved as a researcher for the project. 


Antariksa: a cultural researcher, co-founder of the KUNCI Cultural Studies Center and iCAN (Indonesian Contemporary Art Network).


Nuraini Juliastuti: Co-founder and director of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center. Currently a PhD student at Leiden University focusing on popular music in Southeast Asia.