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Der Aa-kerk

Der Aa-kerk

Alejandro Guijarro

MOMENTUM (2010-2014)

For MOMENTUM, Alejandro Guijarro visited the quantum mechanics departments of various universities, including Cambridge, Stanford, Berkeley and Oxford. After lectures he photographed the large-scale blackboards that are now exhibited life-size. Outside of the institutions in which they originated, the meaning of the formulas changes. What started as a description of a physicist’s thought process gains a new aesthetic through the lines and forms of the equations and formulas; the marks left by the blackboard eraser are reminiscent of a vast landscape. In this way, the boards with precise formulas evolve into canvases that can have many different meanings.


Alejandro Guijarro (Spanje, 1979) behaalde in 2010 zijn master in Fine Art aan het Royal College of Art in Londen. Zijn werk was te zien in exposities in Europa, de Verenigde Staten en China. Guijarro woont en werkt afwisselend in Londen en Madrid. MOMENTUM verscheen in 2016 in boekvorm.